Growth & Investment

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In today’s rapidly changing and uncertain economic climate, an increasing number of independent schools and colleges are seeking to stimulate growth through investment. There are a number of ways of raising capital, both from private and institutional investors, in the UK and overseas. The investment route taken will largely depend upon the size and complexity of the project.

If you are looking for any of the following outcomes, developing a coherent growth and investment strategy is essential:
o Reduced financial and reputational risk
o Control of legal and administration costs
o Complete focus on the core aims of the project
o Better understanding of the financial and investment markets

The MTM Business and Investment Team will support you throughout the various phases of a capital investment project from pre-investment to implementation. Each investment project will of course differ in size and complexity. We also have a number of key contacts in the financial and legal sectors and help our clients to identify potential sources of capital, from investment banks to venture capitalists, or private individuals, enabling you to ensure the long-term future of your school.

Case Study

The team at MTM secured the long-term future of an independent day and boarding school in Suffolk, by radically changing the structure and direction of the school. With a robust investment strategy now in place, the school is now on a sound footing, with an exciting future ahead of it.