Business Evaluation

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Our Business and Investment team have significant commercial and industrial experience in some of the most challenging business environments. They have worked both in the commercial sector and in the independent education sector and therefore understand the complex challenges of running a school profitably.

You may be looking for support with:

o Falling profitability
o Cash flow forecasting and control
o Succession planning issues
o Improving cash generation by better working capital management and/or new financing
o Operational review
o Comprehensive financial review
o Development of financial and operational KPI’s

For many of our clients, the first practical step in assessing their business is to commission a Business Evaluation. This process enables our clients to fully understand, from an external perspective, where their school sits in the minds of the market and of their competitors. The Business Evaluation tests opinions and assumptions and can often provide a valuable insight into a schools’ real strengths and weaknesses.

The Business and Investment team apply a generic evaluation process to each project. However, experience shows that each clients’ focus differs, and we ensure that each evaluation will deliver precisely what our client is looking for.

The Business Evaluation Process:

Agree the Scope: Determine which areas of the organisation need to be considered and how will this be measured.

Define Data: Agree what data will be required.

Gathering Data: Ensure data will be easily accessible and in an agreed format.

Analysis: Conduct an open and honest analysis of the data provided.

Conclusions: Present and report the project conclusions and recommendations.

The Business Evaluation process enables our clients to consider all elements of their organisations’ activities and operations. It involves the collection of data and reaching conclusions on its strengths and weaknesses. It is designed to encourage clients to collect evidence to enable them to make key strategic decisions.

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