With independent school fee levels at an all-time high in relation to real earnings, the need for all your stakeholders to be satisfied with your school has never been greater.

Independent school parents have high expectations, after all they’re paying for their child’s education and in many cases, making huge sacrifices in order to fund the fees. Parents love to feel their voices are heard and their opinions matter and interestingly, it is often the schools which generate the best survey results, that research their parents the most. We would recommend a bi-annual parental survey.

But it’s not just your parents who matter. Parents, pupils, non-enquirers, staff and other stakeholders such as feeder Heads are all important.

Why look at surveys?

o To understand how your parents really feel about your school and how well you meet their expectations.
o Gain insight into your school’s unique strengths and areas you should seek to improve.
o Inform your marketing and refine your message.
o Show your parents you are actively listening and responding.
o Establish a level against which to monitor future progress.

We do not believe that one-size fits all and work closely with you to prepare a fully tailored survey questionnaire. We provide template text for all your communications about the survey and manage the complete process for you. Your results will be benchmarked against other schools and analysed, with feedback on our findings in a full presentation. We assess differences in feedback at various ages, amongst boys and girls; and day / boarding pupils.

From the results we highlight areas of interest and discuss the implications for your school, and outline our recommendations.

Depending on the project, we offer a whole range of surveys including:
o Online surveys
o Telephone surveys
o In-field surveys

Surveys take many forms, but typically schools look at:
o Parental surveys
o Non-enquirers surveys
o Feeder/ Opinion-shaper surveys
o Non-joiner surveys
o Decliner surveys
o Exit surveys
o Alumni surveys

To find our more about our approach to surveys, contact us.