Mystery shops

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Why undertake a Mystery Shopping exercise?

Mystery shopping offers an effective way to simulate your prospective parents’ journey experience from initial contact through to the visit and ultimately the buying decision, not only for your own school, but your competitors too.

If you are looking to convert more of your visits to joiners, mystery shopping will give you the information you need. Essentially, it’s your sales process and any improvements you make, will improve your conversion rates – we’ve seen anything from 2 – 10 times return on investment, which is significant when you consider that the average lifetime value of a pupil is £100,000!

We recommend conducting a mystery shopping exercise both before and after a training exercise, to quantify the service level improvement and expected conversion increase. A rolling programme can be invaluable too, helping staff understand their performance relative to others in the sector.

Our customer experience mapping platform breaks down the customer journey, identifying any breakdowns in the customer experience and provides recommendations on where the customer journey can be improved. Scoring and commentary allow you to draw more than just raw data from the interaction. The researchers ensure that you receive any high points and low points too (in fact the researcher isn’t aware of who the client is).

Our team of mystery shoppers have worked around the globe, using multiple languages and ‘personas’. We have experience working in UK & Europe (British, French, German & American language), North and South America (Spanish, American & British language), South East Asia (Vietnamese & British language) China – (Chinese, American & British language)

So how do we differentiate?

Using comparative data, our researchers are trained to look for insights as well as service delivery.

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