Feeder Headmaster/ Opinion-shaper interviews are a series of qualitative, usually telephone interviews, with key feeder Heads and other identified key figures in and around your area, who are likely to impact on parents’ choice of school.

Target groups for interviews include Heads of existing/ prospective feeder and nursery schools, estate and relocation agents and leaders of parent, social and church groups, all of whom are likey to play an important role in influencing the choice made by prospective parents. We identify and contact opinion shapers and carry out interviews, to understand their awareness and perceptions of your school and your competitors.

“The more people you can get out and about to prep schools, the bigger the impact on recruitment there would be – the personal touch is what our parents are looking for.”

What is the output?

o Clear insights with regards to increasing pupil recruitment
o Helping you understand your positioning amongst parents who have not shown an interest in your school
o Helping you use your marketing budget more effectively, ensuring the messages are correct and targeted at the right groups
o Helping you identify the reasons why your school is not effectively penetrating key areas, including any resistance to independent education
o Opinion shaper insights help you to understand the general perception of your school in the local community, and how it is being communicated to the community
o Information for refining your marketing messages to ensure that they are consistent and appropriate forming the basis of communications activities in your area with a view to engaging and attracting larger numbers of parents through advocacy and affiliates
o Helping you find out why parents are choosing your competitors rather than you

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