Focus groups

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Focus groups give an in-depth insight into the perception of a school’s offering for a very small research group (5 – 20).

Why run a focus group?

The informal and face-to-face nature of the groups encourages participants to be open and honest. Our approach to focus groups allows you to gain comprehensive feedback on aspects of your school.

A focus group is an open-forum group, including key stakeholders: parents, staff, pupils, alumni or even non-buyers. These focus groups can be tailored to cover a range of specified areas and are an ideal means to investigate key aspects of your school in more depth than telephone or online surveys would allow. Focus groups tend to have an informal feel and involve open discussions, following a defined structure. These discussions are led in a ‘dual moderator’ format – requiring two facilitators.

Why do it?

Focus groups are an excellent means of exploring perceptions of your school with key respondents. Parents respond very well to school focus groups, understanding that you are listening to their feedback and showing willingness to take part. Meanwhile, the opportunity for staff, pupils and alumni to feedback on their experiences and ideas to an impartial and professional third party is always well received.

Case study

In a parent survey there was mixed feedback from parents relating to a school’s compulsory saturday morning attendance – views were particularly polarised. We carried out several focus groups with a cross section of the schools’ parents to better understand perceptions and to identify several ways in which our client could amend its offering to better suit all of the parents’ needs.