With an overall decline in market share, never has it been more important to look at how we can ensure a sustainable future for our schools in the UK, the US and internationally.

We work on research projects for a whole variety of reasons from investors looking into new opportunities, schools looking at growth or expansion strategies or schools who are looking to continually improve their marketing and admissions; perhaps with the aim of recruiting more pupils and families.

Knowing your market is key to success. The more you know about your market, your competition and perception and attitudes towards your school, the easier it is to target and engage your prospective parents. We offer a whole range of research services, but tailor each project to your individual needs.

Knowing where to start is often the hardest part. Our sales funnel here is designed to help:

At which point in the sales process do you experience your greatest challenge? You can compare these to both your results over previous years and also those in the industry. Through our experience of researching over 180,000 independent school parents and 500 independent schools we can tell you that prospective parents:

o View 10 websites
o Order 6 prospectuses (60% conversion from web visit)
o Visit 3 schools (50% conversion from prospectus)
o Join 1 school (33% conversion from visit)

Depending on your results, we would typically undertake the following exercises:
1) Determining the market size:
a. Market and Catchment Intelligence (MACI)
b. Market pricing analysis – contact us to find out more

2) Encouraging interested parents to make contact: Most parents review 10 schools
a. Non-enquirers online survey
b. Non-enquirers focus group
c. Feeder heads interview
d. Opinion-shaper interview

3) Converting enquirers to school visit: Most parents review 3 schools
a. Non-joiner surveys
b. Mystery shops

4) Converting school visits into joiner: Most parents review 1 school
a. Non-joiner survey
b. Competitor Mystery shop
c. Open day surveys – contact us to find out more
d. Current parent survey

5) Pupils offered a place but do not join in September: Varies by school
a. Decliner telephone interviews – contact us to find out more
b. Mystery shop

We’ve also put together our handy Research Guide, designed to help you identify the best approach for you. Contact us to request your guide.

Or, if you’d like to talk to one of our Research expects, call 01502 722787. We’d be happy to help.

MTM commission and undertake their own research into current trends in the independent school market.

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