Which of your web pages are viewed the most?

Which of your web pages are viewed the most?

No doubt it is report writing time for many of you, as well as me! I’ve just finalised our quarterly marketing report, a task I actually find very incredibly rewarding. A few interesting finds came out of the report, one being just how many visitors we get from the US, and another being how many people view our team page. In fact, after the home page, this is the most viewed page, with visitors spending over 1 minute on there, on average.

This quickly prompted me to update the team page, which, I have to confess, was considerably out of date! I had never even met some of the people on there! To me this is just another example of the way in which #researchpowerseverything – the google analytics data (other providers are available) can offer an invaluable insight into the use of your website, but only when you begin to you use that information to your advantage, can it bear any fruit. Without looking, do you know which are the top 3 pages viewed on your website?

If you don’t, take a look – you may well be surprised by what you find. Use the information wisely and base your content strategy and social media marketing around it, with up to date articles and information and relevant links, as well as call to actions. Put the information you want people to see on these pages and ensure that they are all up to date!


By Deborah McKenzie, Head of Marketing & Business Development

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