Sports Days – a wonderful celebration of our USP’s

Sports Days – a wonderful celebration of our USP’s

As we are often reminded, state schools can often pose just as much competition as our local independent competitors. But one area most independent schools excel at is the sporting opportunities they provide to their pupils. And Sports Days are a great celebration and reminder of this unique selling point!

Sporting opportunities not only increase self-esteem, they also build team working skills and support academic work, promoting achievement across all areas. We love seeing the ripple effect in action.

Through the ISA, sporting events offer schools the opportunity to represent their school or area, widening horizons and providing greater challenge, compared to their everyday experiences. Many have been spurred on to perform at a higher level as a result.

Sports Day season is upon us and it seems the weather is very much on our side. The photo’s shared are a wonderful celebration of all that is sport in independent schools. May you enjoy sharing this special time with your parents, pupils and staff alike.

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