Reflect on your Marketing & Admissions this half term

Reflect on your Marketing & Admissions this half term

Working through your school’s half term holidays? The holidays are a perfect time to reflect on the effectiveness of your school’s marketing and admissions. Start by collecting the data to determine your school’s performance at each stage of the buying/ joining process.

Determining the market

How well do you know your target market? Where are they located and what lifestyles do they lead? Are you reaching them with the right messaging?

Generating enquiries

If your enquiries are low, think about non-enquirers surveys or focus groups, feeder head interviews and opinion-shaper interviews.


Are you getting enquiries, but not enough visitors? Think about non-joiner surveys or mystery shops.


Plenty of visits but not enough joiners? Think about non-joiner surveys, mystery shops and decliner interviews. 

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