MTM welcome David Cardle

MTM welcome David Cardle

At MTM we’ve had the pleasure of working with David on a number of projects recently and we can now announce that we have formally welcomed him to the team. David served in an executive capacity on the boards of numerous automotive companies in the UK and mainland Europe.

He built his career in a tough, demanding and complex international business environment, which led to the development of his unusually rich and diverse skill set. In the latter part of his motor industry career, David undertook a number of overseas training and education assignments, sparking his passion for education and the development of future generations.

Stoke College Educational Trust appointed David as Governor and Trustee in 2014 and using his skills in business and commerce, he set about radically changing the structure and direction of the school. With the school on a sound footing and with an exciting future ahead of it, David was keen to use his skills and knowledge in a broader context.

David has now joined the team at MTM and offers a broad menu of services to the independent sector. His range of business support services covers everything from Finance, to Operations, Strategy, Organisation and even Technology.

MTM’s Business Support Services

David heads-up our MTM Business Support services and applies a range of management tools to improve performance addressing schools’ most serious challenges including:

  • Finance – reducing costs without diluting standards
  • Operations – making the schools’ resources work harder and more profitably
  • Strategy – identifying future growth paths and adapting to changes in the landscape
  • Organisation – building a cohesive Senior Leadership team with the skills to succeed
  • Technology – helping clients select the most cost effective platforms to improve communications

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