Know your Market

Know your Market

Knowing your market is critical when it comes to marketing your school, but researching everything can be time-consuming, not to mention costly. With the latest issue of our newsletter, we included a copy of our Research Guide, designed to help you focus your research budget and determine how to increase the number of pupils joining your school this September and beyond.

The starting point is collecting the data to determine the performance of each of your processes and benchmark these not only against your past performance, but also independent school averages.

 Through researching over 180,000 independent school parents, we can tell you that, as a benchmark, prospective parents:

  • View 10 websites
  • Order 6 prospectuses (60% conversion from web)
  • Visit 3 schools (50% conversion from prospectus)
  • Join 1 school (33% conversion from visit)

Use this information, along with your data, to determine where your challenges lie, and the research guide will help inform your next steps.

“We found the Research Guide to be an invaluable read. It not only clearly identified a range of issues that were important and vitally relevant to us and our circumstances, but much more importantly, pointed the way forward in terms of concrete strategies and solutions”.

 Andrew Cook, Headmaster, King’s House School

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