If testimonials are King, video testimonials are King, Queen and Country!

If testimonials are King, video testimonials are King, Queen and Country!

‘Customers’ or prospective parents as we prefer to refer to them are sceptical – they know all too well that your job is to market and sell your school to the best of your ability. It goes without question that you are going to tell them how wonderful everything is – you are highly unlikely to succeed if you don’t! However, they do relate to other parents ‘like them’, who offer an unbiased and independent voice.

Testimonials have long been championed as ‘King’ – they can influence prospective parents’ decisions, strengthen their perception of you and support your marketing messages. The more the reader/ user can relate to the person, the better, so always include photo’s but, if you’d like to really maximise the potential of your testimonials, videos are the way forward online.

Testimonials are also key to our business and we were lucky enough to work with Eye Film, who recorded some compelling video testimonials for us. Thank you to Sheena McNamee, External Relations Director, Pocklington School, Rachel Scannell, Assistant Head, Bromsgrove School and Carrie Bennett, Director of Marketing & Communications, Wolverhampton Grammar School not only for your kind words, but also sitting in front of a video camera for us, which can be a daunting task!

If you’re looking to persuade prospective parents to join your school, video testimonials will be key to your marketing strategy.

To get you started, take a look at our testimonials:


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