Happy (HEALTHY) New Year

Happy (HEALTHY) New Year

If you are anything like me, avoiding the healthy messages at this time of year is practically impossible – in fact this year I’ve even gone as far as to join Slimming World for my syns (this pun will only mean anything to fellow Slimming Worldees)!

But I think the idea of starting out in a New Year is that we want to start afresh and refreshed and essentially do things in the right way – we start to reflect on all the things we should have done but didn’t and that’s just a great sign of our inner fuel, drive and ambition.

At MTM we’ve never started a year with so many projects and to us, it is clear independent schools have come back determined to strip everything back and start with the basics, getting everything right from the outset. We strongly believe that research powers everything and until you know your current market and your potential market, you cannot possibly begin to plan a successful strategy.

If you’d like to start 2018 with invaluable insights into your market, along with so many of your colleagues, do get in touch!

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