If MTM did strategy days

We recently held a 3-day strategy meeting at the new MTM offices. Whilst initially I was reticent about the length of the meeting, we’ve now come out of the other side and I can wholeheartedly recommend it! Many of you will know we offer our market research and marketing services, and specifically our unique Market [...]

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Trimming the excess

It’s January, which means we are currently being bombarded with messages about losing weight, getting fit or embarking on a ‘dry January’, following the extreme excess of the festive season. And just when you think you might be safe reading something that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve overindulged, we talk about trimming the excess [...]

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The TPS Mess

This year, the Chancellor’s budget speech made it very evident he was trying to please everyone, with the exception of independent schools. What the Chancellor did not talk about was the recently announced intention to increase the employers’ TPS contribution rate from 16.4% to 23.6%, with effect from September 2019. However, the rationale for this [...]

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Marketing: From a student’s perspective

Our Research Director regularly supports students at the University of East Anglia. In one session, James met George Chrysostomou, who had some interesting insights on his experiences of how to ‘sell’ schools from a student’s perspective:  The race to a more appealing marketing strategy all starts with what makes your school stand out. As [...]

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