It’s Census Day

Perhaps we should hide the fact that we are very excited by the fact that it’s census day, but we just can’t help it! We’re data geeks and we know the market insight, competitor and Demand & Supply analysis we provide (through our unique Market and Catchment Intelligence) just wouldn’t be possible without it. Of [...]

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A word about Parents’ Evening

At the end of last year I attended a parents' evening where I was told my child has moved from being exceptionally good at Maths, to just plain average! This was somewhat of a shock when a. the school pride themselves on their academic attainment and b. I had raised the issue he was struggling [...]

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Grounds for change

In London Paddington yesterday, The Economist was encouraging subscriptions by talking about the ways we are able to impact our climate. Of course, a key topic in the news has been the recent publication on the change in temperatures attributable to human behaviour. They had breakfast bars including crickets as the protein enricher and beautifully [...]

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From the Chancellor's 'give away' budget speech on 29 October, it was evident he was trying to please everyone, with the exception perhaps of independent schools. At least the dreaded game changing issue of removing the VAT exemption on school fees has been parked (for the moment)! What the Chancellor did not talk about was [...]

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Kimbolton School Case Study

Alison Ainsworth, PR and Communications Manager at Kimbolton School, contacted MTM having recognised the ongoing growth of the Oxford-Cambridge corridor. The successful day and boarding school, who educate 980 pupils aged 4 – 18, recognised that there were significant opportunities, with the expansion in both residential units and technology enterprises nearby. At the same time, [...]

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