Benchmarking your Marketing & Admissions results

Benchmarking your Marketing & Admissions results

Ever wondered how your Marketing and Admissions results compare to those in the independent schools sector? Well wonder no more – through our experience researching over 180,000 independent school parents and 500 independent schools we can tell you that prospective parents:

  • View 10 websites
  • Order 6 prospectuses (60% conversion from web visit)
  • Visit 3 schools (50% conversion from prospectus)
  • Join 1 school (33% conversion from visit)

So have a look at your results and see how you compare – are your conversion rates similar or are there some obvious areas for improvement? Work out how many prospectus orders do you need in order to fill your school? How many visitors do you need to show around?

Use this information to look at where you are currently and forecast where you might be in September. But don’t worry, if the forecast is not where you want to be, there is still plenty of time to turn things around. Start by identifying where your problem lies:


If you are not getting the enquiries/ prospectus requests, we would strongly recommend firstly determining who should be interested.

Our Market and Catchment Intelligence finds the number and location of children in your catchment (now and in the future) who can access independent education, in order to give you the size of your available market, your market share and that of your competitors (as well as trends over recent years).

Then we profile your existing customers and find “lookalikes” telling you:

  • Where they are located
  • How to reach them (several times over)
  • The lifestyles they lead
  • And their values

Giving you all the information you need to grow your pupil numbers!

A non-enquirer survey/ focus group will also help you to understand levels of awareness and perceptions amongst your target market.


If you don’t have enough prospective parents visiting the school – you should consider non-joiner surveys (allowing you to receive feedback from parents who have enquired but not gone on to visit).


If you are not recruiting joiners from your visits, mystery shops (enabling you an objective rating of your school’s recruitment process, in direct comparison to that of your competitors) will give you the information you need to improve your visit experience, giving you the ‘edge’ over the competition and increasing your conversion rates = more pupils!

If you’d like help benchmarking your results, or to find out more about how we can help, call James on 01502 722787 or email

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