A welcome to be celebrated

A welcome to be celebrated

Many of you will know, one of our areas of research at MTM is mystery shopping and it is something we have done a considerable amount of this year.  When we experience something extraordinary, we get rather excited and this week, we experienced true excellence at Ipswich High School.

We were honoured to be a part of the inaugural Diamond Model Schools’ Conference, which was hosted by the school and it is fair to say that we were wowed in every sense of the word.

On arrival to what can only be described as palatial surroundings, we had named parking spaces allocated. The door was then opened, where the Head and two other staff welcomed me. I signed in, was presented with my visitor badge and then escorted to the conference. Before I could blink, I had a coffee in my hands and was introduced to yet another charming host.

The day continued in this fashion until I was late for lunch. Once again, I was escorted right up to the point where a table with a place setting remaining was found. 

We ran the marketing workshop at the conference and after a really engaging session, we were presented with a bottle of local red wine and an exquisite thank you card, which just left us leaving on such a high. Every member of staff we came into contact with, can only be described as outstanding, and the customer experience was second to none!

Thank you Ipswich High School.

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