Marketing & Admissions Toolkit

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Are you looking to grow your roll? Designed specifically to increase pupil numbers at your school, our Marketing & Admissions Toolkit takes a look at what you’re doing currently, where and what you need to focus your resources on and training on how to do it. So, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to recruit more pupils!

Stage 1: Analysis

One of our experts will join your school for the day to assess your:

o Admissions process (mystery shop can also be included)

o Enquiries, prospectus requests, visits & joiners

o Conversion rates

o Current marketing methods (events, website, prospectus, advertising, social media, PR, SEO & PPC)

Stage 2: Recommendations

Following our assessment, we will make a number of key recommendations. On the same day, you will receive a presentation outlining:

o Objectives

o Target Areas

o Key Messages

o Target Market (including mapping of parents & lifestyles)

o Marketing & Admissions Plan

Stage 3: Training

We will outline the marketing plan in detail, demonstrating ‘how to’ execute the actions. Depending upon your requirements, this may include:

o Social Media Marketing training (including Facebook boosts)

o Google Adwords training

o Events management guidance