Marketing schools is different to any other industry. Education is not only a legal requirement, but made free for every child until the age of 16. How you market your school can be the difference between building a relationship that lasts for decades with a family or them choosing the school down the road.

These days marketing is not just about prospectuses and Open Days, it also encompasses your target demographic and how best to reach them.

With over 30 years experience of marketing in the Independent Schools sector, MTM are uniquely placed to help you gain the maximum reward for your marketing efforts.

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We know that there are constantly moving goal posts in the world of school marketing and keeping up with those changes can be time consuming and complicated.

EMRS provide impartial assessments of your school marketing and admission activities, then guiding you through the process to achieve best practice.

Within your marketing audit we help with:

♦ Long & short term marketing strategies

♦ Software recommendations

♦ Budgeting Advice

Marketing is a crucial part of school life. Using our unparalleled research, we provide you with all the tools needed to promote your school.

We will work closely with you to determine:

Your prime catchment area

A SWOT analysis of your current situation

Key Messages & Objectives

SMART recruitment targets

EMRS will write a bespoke marketing plan complete with activities and tools to keep you on track and help monitor your performance.

Are your staff engaged in the marketing of the school? EMRS provide a bespoke INSET package to focus staff on their role, importance and influence on marketing your school.

Each workshop is designed to:

♦ Help staff to understand their value in marketing the school

♦ Raise awareness of current marketing trends and research

♦ Present research highlighting the school’s position in the locality

♦ Explore the importance of ‘word of mouth’ and the influence staff have on the school’s perception

♦ Examine how staff can be involved in marketing strategy to fulfil the school’s marketing plan

♦ Create a staff led marketing policy through the evaluation of the schools USPs

Each bespoke workshops is tailored specifically to your school.

Over the past decade the composition of schools governing bodies has changed considerably. Gone are the days of local dignitaries and former pupils making up the board and instead, there is now a much more corporate feel. Captains of industry and business people bringing specific qualifications and expertise which is extremely valuable in taking the school forward.

EMRS can bring together your board with a focused workshop. Helping to match the challenges of governing your school with the skills of your governors.

Every workshop looks at :

♦ the individual roles of your governors.

♦ the marketing & recruitment trends in your locality

♦ pupil recruitment strategies

♦ the role of all staff in marketing

♦ how your governors can contribute to this process

All workshops are tailored to your exact requirements.

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