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MTM work both within the UK and internationally; in fact, in the last 12 months we’ve worked with over 100 schools overseas. The insight of our international data, combined with the experience of our international experts, empower schools to achieve their goals.

Market research will be key to the preparations for increasing market share, expanding your offering, opening a school abroad, or diversifying. Whatever your objectives, an in-depth, evidence-based look at your plans is vital. 

As a full-service marketing, market research and business support agency specialising in the education sector, we offer both qualitative and quantitative market research services combined with a full range of marketing support and informed strategic business advice.

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Are you looking to open a school overseas?

By conducting a comprehensive market analysis, we can help you to locate your school within the right country, city and location with a suitable fee structure, ensuring your new venture is a success.

MTM Market Intelligence Reports provide essential country-specific market intelligence to help you inform your decisions for new school projects or existing school expansions.

Every MTM Market Intelligence Report contains:

-Detailed country-specific demographic data

-Historical overviews

-Social and economic trends

-Demand analysis

-Insights into future developments within specific regions

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