Demand & Supply Analysis

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Our unique Demand & Supply Analysis is ideal for anyone looking to acquire a school or college. Once you are in the process of considering a purchase, we will conduct a feasibility study, designed to give you a clear insight into the school’s real potential market, both now and in the future.

Our detailed report will include market share at a postcode sector level, population projections over the next 10 years and competitor analysis.

Case Study

MTM regularly work with investors who are undertaking due diligence prior to a significant investment. A client had been offered the opportunity to purchase a struggling school. Their objective was to determine whether this was likely to be driven by the market, or whether it was the product. MTM undertook a demand and supply analysis that demonstrated that the school had a small market share and had been losing pupils whilst competitors were growing. This highlighted that the problem was therefore product based. As a result, the group then assembled a turnaround team and using the MTM population forecasts were able to plan a realistic growth strategy, which they subsequently achieved, realising a return within 3 years.