MTM have worked with a number of schools in a multiple situations. As an agency, much of our work is ‘ad-hoc’ – we supply data and insights to help inform decision making as required. At the recent AMDIS conference, our friends at EYE FILM caught up with some recent clients to see how the support from MTM had helped their schools grow.

Sheena McNamee, External Relations Director at Pocklington School

Pocklington School are an all-though day and boarding located in North Yorkshire. The school was looking to understand more about the market it serves and how to ensure the service it provides is tailored most appropriately to those customers. In order to provide insights for the school, we undertook:

  • ‘Market and Catchment Intelligence’ study to understand the types of families using the school and the realistic catchment area
  • Parent survey (buyers) to understand why families chose the school, what they liked about it, its strengths and its weaknesses
  • Decliners survey (non-buyers) to detail why families who had considered the school did not enrol.

See what Sheena had to say here:

Carrie Bennett, Director of Marketing & Communications at Wolverhampton Grammar School

Wolverhampton Grammar School educates children aged 7-18 in the West Midlands. The school is performing well, but wanted to understand a little more about the types of families it recruits, how that has changed over the years, and whether there are opportunities to recruit new families to independent schools from other areas. We undertook:

  • MACI study, detailing the locations and lifestyles of current and past families, market share and future population change
  • Competitor analysis highlighting the change in rolls of competitors since 2010
  • Financial analysis to detail the financial health of schools in the catchment.

Carrie had the following to say:

Rachel Scannell, Assistant Head of Bromsgrove School

Bromsgrove School educates children aged 2-18 in a day and boarding environment in Worcestershire. The school was supporting a local preparatory school which feeds them at age 13 and asked us to help both schools understand the market it serves, the types of parents it recruits, and whether the trends they experienced were market wide or school specific. We undertook the following:

  • MACI study to understand current buyers lifestyles and traveling times, market share and future population projections
  • Roll trend analysis of competitor school
  • Bus route analysis, including suggesting new and alternative routes

Here is what Rachel had to say about the experience of working with MTM:

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