There is nothing like Christmas to bring communities together and school communities are a fine example of this. For the majority of the year we are all so busy in our every day lives, but Christmas is one time, as parents, we all clear a space in our busy calendar to see our offspring perform.

Nativity performances are absolutely heart-warming – I’ve seen a few in my time and the little one’s always have some kind of surprise whether it be a few tears, a degree of shouting (rather than singing) or even falling asleep on stage! For the older children, it may be carol concerts or music concerts but I just love the fact every pupil gets to be involved in some kind of performance, enabling the entire school community to come together and celebrate. As a school, you get to really connect emotionally with your parents, and give them a ‘glimpse’ into the special world their child experiences every day at your school.

A festive mince pie and chat with other parents we rarely get to see afterwards goes down an absolute storm – I know some independent schools also invite prospective parents in for the occasion and what a fantastic way to experience life at the school and chat to parents, who no doubt will be singing your praises, along with a festive song.