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James and the MTM team have carried out over 100 mystery shops this year, so many infact that this has become an inauguration task! Before starting, each ‘shopper’ is issued with a ‘persona’ (the character to play when calling the school), and some key statistics: Each household with the affluence to consider independent schools has an average of 1.8 children (this is lower the 2.2 of the general population). Parents prefer that if they have 2 or more children that they all go to schools in the same locality (if possible). All parents love talking about their children. So this is our rant: if a parent has decided to call your school, it is no trivial matter! They have created a spreadsheet, spent time on your website, worked out the potential drive time and transport options, spoken to their partner about their now shortlist, and finally, picked up the phone to ask for a prospectus. Their first interaction with your school which could cost them £350,000 (twice that amount 4 out of 5 times), and what happens? The result is often anticlimactic… They may receive a prospectus and often an invite for a visit. But they wanted so much more! […]

How do you achieve growth in a shrinking industry?

Chapter 1: Redefine the problem ‘How do you achieve growth in a shrinking industry?’ is the question that keeps the Headmaster up at night. As a collective working in the Independent School sector, we need to change the narrative; the demographics of the country are certainly changing, however MTM’s research does not suggest that supply of school places across the UK out strips the number of people able to afford it. Below are some comments we hear all to regularly: 1) There aren’t any children out there – MTM’s recent study evidenced that over 1 million potential private school pupils aren’t making it into the system. 2) There aren’t any children out there – how many families ask for prospectuses? 3) The ‘zero sum gain’ myth – if we get better and attract more pupils all we are doing is depriving the school next door of children – we will come back to this one. 4) No one wants to board any more – have you asked why? Parents are getting busier! And 5) One very real problem – having the right cultural mix in the school… […]

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Coaches and Travel Strategy

A fundamental limiting feature of your school is its location. However, your catchment boundary can be blurred by providing transportation. Previous research by James and the MTM team suggests that parents will drive 30mins to school, but will drive 15 – 25mins to a bus to take the children another 30 mins. So, how do the logistics work Bursar? There are 3 fundamental decisions: Shall the transport system make money? How do we provide the transport? What size vehicles do we need to provide? […]

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Latest News! MTM adds future construction projects to its data portfolio

At MTM, we are proud of the level of data we hold and strive to keep it as up to date as possible. We have now added to our portfolio a database of all residential and education construction projects throughout the UK. This will allow us to tell you what is planned to be built [...]

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What is putting affluent first time buyers off independent education? by Claire Blizard, Managing Director

Last Thursday I spoke at the ISA Proprietors Conference 2016 about our independent “Missing Million” research. It is undoubtedly my favourite piece of MTM research as it not only unpicks and evaluates the reach of existing school marketing campaigns but also investigates the drivers for first time buyers of independent education. With more competition than [...]

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